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Working from home and keeping warm with a garden office.

We are now entering a major cost of living crisis that looks to affect most people in the UK. The cost of a travel ticket to London alone from Kent is reported as being in the £6000-£7000 area. Add this to the unprecedented energy costs and the problem is significant for most. 

An investment in a high quality and well insulated garden studio may make more sense than ever. The cost and time saved on a long expensive train or car commute can be pushed into owning your own space. A space that will also add value to your property and be something you own and keep long term. Making you money rather than throwing it away on inflated fuel and energy cost.

The added benefit of an Ark Design Build studio is that the heating element would be significantly more cost effective than working from a room in the main home. A smaller space with a single heater that will lose almost no heat as you work and equally take very little time to get warm. A perfect solution.

Our studios are insulated in the floors, walls and ceilings. We always include heating options as standard and also have the option of air conditioning for summer months if required.

Our warm roof system compromises of an unbroken layer of Pir Celotex insulation meaning the absolute minimal of your heat is lost through the roof, a big problem in many homes.

Get in touch today and see how one of our bespoke custom made studios could help be a long term solution to working from home in a professional and cost effective manner.

Ark design build are based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and have created hundreds of garden rooms across the South East. We have a 5 star rating on both Google and Trustpilot with over 75 reviews. 

Now is the time to work with a local supplier and change the way you work and live