Garden Rooms & Offices - Your Questions Answered

The answer is yes. All of our garden studios are fully insulated including the floor, walls and roof. We also include electric heating as standard.

The great news is we are truly bespoke garden room fabricators which means there are no limits to what we can offer. Bifolds, sliding doors and skylights are all options.

We have created studios and garden annex’s with multiple rooms many times. There are no limits to the possibility.

Not only do we offer all of the above we also include everything in the service. We have our own plumber and groundworker that will not only connect the studio inside but also the waste and water from A to B. Leaving no work for our clients to take on.

The standard garden rooms or garden office is not considered habitable as it would not comply with building regulations. However we are bespoke so when we create a space that needs to be habitable or required building control, we can adapt the build to do so.

Our standard options are Thermowood and Cedar for our studios. Thermowood is best treated to give an expected 30 year life. Western Red Cedar holds a natural oil that give the same if not more life expectancy. Because of the high quality of these finishes no external treatment is required.

Ark garden studios are built to such a high specification that moving them is not an option. They will however add a real return on investment to your property should you sell meaning a new garden studio would be more cost effective.

Again due to our bespoke nature we are not limited in any way like many pre fabricated or modular suppliers are. We can and do build to any shape or requirement.

Unfortunately we do not operate with a show room. This does however mean we keep our overheads down and pass that saving on by offering better value and quality to our clients. We can usually arrange a visit to a recently finished building when required.

We have created garden studios for sound engineers and musicians so additional soundproofing options are always available 

Planning permission is rarely required if the standard 2.5m height is attained. Additionally we must remain under 30sqm internal footprint. If a larger garden studio is required we can handle the full planning application for a fixed fee of £650 plus vat.

Other instances where planning is required are certain covenants, AONB areas and flats which can have permitted development rights removed.

Planning is generally a smooth and simple process and we are hugely experienced in this. Our build methods and materials are also warmly received by planners and as of yet we have never had an application rejected.

Any Ark project is full turn key. So everything from foundations to final decoration and electrical connections are included as standard including wifi connections.

We like many fabricators offer a 10 year structural guarantee. Fixtures and fittings will hold the guarantee offered by the supplier.

One of our strengths is the fact we can build as close as 100mm to a boundary. We also ensure the necessary fire regulations are covered if over 15sqm to bypass the need of a larger gap.

We are not a modular build company so our garden studios average anywhere from 12 to 18 days for a studio between 10 and 20sqm. Larger studios and annex builds take longer and re dependant on the requirements of the build.

Yes we do. We prefer to discuss plans and budget before we come out but no charges are ever applied for us to meet you and see your space.

All garden studios have a plastered and painted (white as standard) interior. A quality to match that in the main home.

We are not limited in any way and have built multi room spaces of up to 65sqm.

We use a professionally installed groundscrews foundation system. Screws are generally a minimum of 1250mm in length.

We are a small to medium family run business based in the Tunbridge Wells area of Kent. Generally we would in and around a 25 mile radius of this area.

Undoubtedly yes. We build to that same style and standard as a loft conversion therefore offering a real strength of investment for our clients. It’s true now that estate agents have started to add garden rooms as an option on the sales particulars.

We finish with a high quality laminate floor of which a multitude of options are available. Even though we offer a standard range of light fixtures and sockets, we are not limited or fixed to these options and can source or fit client supplied options 

Yes we have a professional air conditioning consultant that will spec and fit if required. These units run both heat and cooling modes.

We have over 50 5 star reviews on Google and Trustpilot to back up our service and quality. On top of this we also have a multitude of clients so happy with their studios they will be happy to discuss the process with prospective clients.