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Which garden studio company would you choose?

With the ever increasing popularity of gardens rooms, as well as the ever changing working world, garden studio interest is at an all time high.
It is easy to understand why. The appeals to work from home has always and will always be a perfect scenario for most people. If it suits your profession and personal life balance, it could be the the perfect solution for you.

The dramatic changes thrown upon us by COVID-19 has meant we as a studio company have had to adapt to this ever changing environment. One thing that has become clear, is that as with any industry boom, there has been an influx of new garden room companies. Alongside these new companies, general builders are all looking to be involved in this emerging market.

Garden room with black cladding

But the big question is who should you chose and why? It’s a fair question to ask. There is no doubt most general builders will understand and comfortably fabricate a decent garden studio. It’s also probable that many of the new companies looking to grow in the market will have the best intentions at making the space you need. 

But in reality the best people set to design and build your dream studio, be it a comfortable garden office you can use in all weathers, a teenage den or just somewhere to house the antique snooker table, are the people that live and breathe within the industry. There are many great companies that boast experience and care. We at Ark Design and Build believe that we deliver both superior experience, professionalism and care, which undoubtedly sits us at the top of this pyramid.

Garden office with matching decking

We offer a truly bespoke, hand made approach each and every time. We create spaces designed exactly for our clients, to suit them and their space, rather than a modular pre set finish. Despite demand we have chosen to stay small. We have three highly skilled and extremely experienced teams. This personable approach means we can deliver a service and finish above and beyond expectations. Our directors are on site and on the tools, ensuring the product and process is exactly how it should be, every step of the way….
Our work shows our versatility and care backed up by our 100% 5 star reviews. As a result we have reduced our working area, meaning you know the people on your project are from your locality, giving you peace of mind that the reputation we leave with you, can be passed to your friends, family and colleagues. These are the foundations all of our studios are formed on.
We hope we can help you with your project, so please give us a call or email to discuss”