Real reviews or a paid club?

Garden Annex

Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than a good Google review. We thrive on them and so do our clients when they choose their holiday, bread maker or most importantly in our eyes, their garden room supplier.

But what is a real review and what is being part of a paid club?

It’s very easy to be part of a paid group. There are so many out there. They usually advertise on the radio with a catchy jingle that reassures you that what they say is worth listening to. They charge businesses and contractors a price and as a result are supposedly a great source of who’s who in any industry. Sometimes they even give you a badge to prove it.

That’s great, but in reality what does it really mean?

What would any consumer really want? Someone who is affiliated with a third party company with a financial gain in them or a company that has gained genuine reviews from multiple clients in your area.

Our clients will even give a real hand reference or perhaps show you around their garden studio in person? Lots of ours have.

At Ark Design Build we pride ourselves on the service we offer our clients. This is why we have over 75 genuine reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and of course Google. In the current climate there are garden studio companies appearing by the day. Some could be great but some may be inexperienced. With the ever rising cost of materials it’s important you choose the right team for your project. The people with a tried and tested set up and the experience to guide you from the initial consultation all the way through to the end product.

Our advice? Choose local and choose someone with a reputation you can rely on. No paid endorsements or clubs required.

Ark Design Build are a leading Kent based garden studio and office fabricator. We believe in offering the highest end studios, gyms and offices at a price that offers our clients a real investment.