Price Guide

Ark Garden Studio Price Guides

All of our studios are bespoke and very rarely the same. We have no limitations in our options.
The below is a guide for the standard entry specification and starting price point with some popular designs

Cube design

Sleek and simple, the cube design offers the best value build with all of the standard spec features.

Porch overhang

An overhang porch can add a bit of detail to the front of the studio.Complete with downlights.

Recess porch

A fully enveloped front canopy to the top and sides. Finished with downlights and a composite deck step

What is included as standard

All foundations. Our prefered system is a groundscrew install with a minimum screw size of 1250mm long at every 1200mm of the studio in all directions.

Fully insulated walls, floor and ceiling

Thermowood cladding to all sides of the studio

1 x 2400 x 2100 sliding door

1 x 800 x 2100h tall top opening window

sockets and spotlights inside

1 x external socket

fully plastered and painted (white) interior

EPDM rubber roof

Full gutter

external lights

1 x wall hung heater

Electrical connections both ends* and consumer unit to studio (* electrical connection is included up to 50m. After that additional cable run is chaged at £12 per m. We also require a space on the main consumer unit in the home to connect to)

Laminate floor choice and full skirting

Below are the standard Ark specification Guide costs. They are all subject to VAT being added at 20%

Studio size (Sqm) Cube Porch Overhang Recess Porch
10 SQM £15,500 £16,300 £16,500
12 SQM £16,000 £16,800 £17,000
15 SQM £18,000 £18,900 £19,270
18 SQM £19,950 £21,150 £21,520
20 SQM £21,950 £23,450 £23,820
22 SQM £23,500 £25,300 £25,670
25 SQM £24,950 £26,950 £27,250
30 SQM £29,950 £32,150 £32,450