You are currently viewing Open plan garden studios, the new design for 2022 

Open plan garden studios, the new design for 2022 

Have you joined the working from home revolution? 

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed the way most people work and live. Garden offices, Garden rooms and Garden studios have became a key necessity for many, rather than a luxury for the few that had previously worked from home. 

As we move out of lockdowns and regain some normality, we are now seeing other changes in the way clients are asking us to design and build their studio spaces. 

So what if you want a design that serves as an office but also something more? 

Why be limited to an off the shelf modular space that can only function in one way? If you want more then perhaps we have the solution!

Garden design and garden rooms.

Additional time spent at home has given us all the vision and desire to create gardens we can feel truly relaxed in. Places to work, entertain or be safe and happy with our families.

The biggest trend we have seen in the south east are part open plan spaces. These are essentially covered deck areas that adjoin either an office space, gym or annex. Ark Design Build can create sheltered seated areas to entertain friends or relax with a coffee before that zoom meeting you have scheduled. 

Why not add a bar or kitchen area, skylights and seating for a real outside dining experience. Useable all year round. Limited by nothing but our combined imaginations.

Where do we work?

Ark Design Build have created several open plan studios like these in areas like Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Maidstone and the South East in general. We have a link below to a gallery that shows how this kind of design could be incorporated into your own space.

Open Plan Garden Studios

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